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The Women:

co-op members

Unlike most third world factory workers toiling away in sweatshops, these women are entrepreneurs and shareholders. They work for themselves and have a positive impact on their community and, at the same time, they encourage environmentalism.

We are proud to promote their enterprise.

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The Directors:

Co-op directors

For the past 8 years Bazura.Biz has worked closely with a Women's Co-operative in the Philippines, who collect used juice containers, recycled rice bags and discarded advertising banners. The Co-op then has their members transform this trash into hand bags and accessories.

The collection of this trash helps clean up the environment in and around Manila and through out the Philippines, while eliminating tons of material from local land fills. The use of Bazura's many Shopping and Tote bags also helps eliminate the use of disposal plastic shopping bags which produce millions of pounds of waste that clutter our environment, clog our landfills and use huge quantities of petrol chemicals in their production. Bazura recommends that everyone switch to environmentally friendly bags.

Recently the Co-op was devastated by Typhoon Ondoy. Two of their members drowned during the typhoon and scores of the members' homes were flooded. Many donations from the Co-op's buyers and friends have been collected and, with great determination and hard work, the women of the Co-op have repaired their headquarters and most of their members' homes.

Bazura.Biz is very proud to work with and support this marvelous group of women.

Note: Bazura.Biz donates an additional five percent of its total purchases from the Co-operative to their Foundation's Scholarship Fund as well as continued support of their Disaster Relief Fund.

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